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Tiger Gray writes serious and seriously twisted LGBT speculative fiction. Often Tiger's stories include complex treatments of intersectionality and incorporate the experience of being Othered. The extremes of human behavior and questions about morality often play in to Tiger's tales. Tiger also co-owns Hard Limits Press, a company focused on multicultural novels not for the nervous. If you're yearning for a novel with a cast of minority characters in primary roles, check out the offerings on the company webpage. Pronouns (a work in progress): they/ze/he

Taken By Swarm

Taken by Swarm - Seduced by WEREBEES (BBW paranormal shapeshifters erotic romance) - A M Ball

This is one of those books where I'm like how in the holy fuck do I review it? I mean, I face the same issue with a title like Toilet Baby; it's just so absurd that it beggars a serious review. Here we go, let's see if I can pull out something coherent anyway.


The author loves adjectives and alliteration, gifting the reader with phrases such as "she thought about how the plump, pliant persistent bulb delving down in her drenching lips."

The book is FILLED with stuff like this. Also her genitals are often referred to her as "her puss." Also I find this passage particularly egregious: "Her chest was pounding now, and her thighs were tightening now and her buttocks were flexing now and a dam was creaking now, and cracking and breaking to open wide and burst."



So she goes from using a vibrator on herself in the car -- because that's what we all do at rest stops out in the open, right? -- to going in to the stereotypical small town to find a bite to eat. She ends up in a diner where a man brings her a big golden cookie to eat. She apparently doesn't find this odd at all and consumes it readily. This...makes her in to a bee queen? Or something? And then a bunch of cocks show up, and they're maybe attached to a bunch of werebees? I can't remember that being said explicitly in the story. We're just supposed to know that these disembodied dicks are attached to a bunch of shapeshifters who want to impregnate her and make her their queen. Also their sperm must induce telepathy, because she somehow knows that these men are drones and she's the queen.


The sex scene also involves food. Which normally, I think is disgusting. Food and sex do not belong together in my world. And in this book, cocks and eclairs are the same? Or the cocks are stuck through eclairs, and she eats the pastry and sucks the dick? Oh my god I don't know, I am thinking way too hard about a book that involves fucking a bunch of werebees.


"The large, round end of an eclair insinuates slyly and smoothly in between her lips."

You're welcome.


Did you know the main character is also fat? And the whole book involves her gorging herself on cakes? I mean, I'm fat and I love cake, let's not front. But man, this is a slim book -- more of a pamphlet really -- and it's not enough time to establish anything else about her so her sole trait as a fat chick is that she likes to eat. Oh and get off, I guess. Hobbies are important!


In closing I present you with the greatest (possible?) type in the whole book: "there's something important that she feels has not bee accomplished."

Me too, and that thing would be writing the rest of the book.